Meet The Owner

Hey Naturalistas! I'm Tyanna and I started two years ago after reading a few (or what seems like a few thousand) natural hair and beauty blogs. I have had a rollercoaster experience with my hair from being natural to getting relaxers to cutting off my relaxed ends (the big chop) and going back natural, etc. Alongside with learning my hair, I've also had a love/hate relationship with my skin. From breakouts and hormonal acne to hyper-pigmentation, it's been a complete journey.


My hope with this store is to start off with just natural hair/skin t-shirts and expand to a plethora of different products. I will soon be adding a link to go along with my new blog and hopefully be able to reach tons of online readers with answers to some of the same difficult questions I've had to ask myself. For example, how am I ever going to get my hair to grow? Or.... what can I use that is natural-based and hypoallergenic but will still get my skin clean and clear? I have several plans for this store in the future so stay tuned!